Christina Sawaya, born on August 16, is a Lebanese Celebrity.

She graduated from the Lebanese American University (LAU), with a BS degree in Business economics.

Sawaya started a modeling career in 1998 while continuing her studies & later participated in a series of beauty pageants between 1998 and 2003.

She excelled in several fields in show business and corporate business.



Local Achievements

  • Miss Universities 1998
  • Model of the Year 1999
  • Miss Lebanon 2001 & 2002

International Achievements

  • Miss International 2002 (Tokyo/Japan)
  • Winner of the Global beauties award 2002-2003 for best overall performance among all the candidates of the four main worldwide beauty pageants: Miss World, Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss Earth.

Due to her responsibilities as Miss Lebanon and Miss International, Christina took part in various activities such as Social and Charitable events (Orphans and underprivileged children, Handicaps, Old left alone people) and Environmental Care events. She was a main representative of the youth in campaigns that dealt with: Anti-Drugs, Anti-Alcoholism, Anti-Smoking, Prevention from HIV & Safety Driving conditions.

Sawaya worked with the "Rescue & Social Services Association" on developing a social and health care center for the Elderly which was called "Beytuna" & was officially opened in May 2002. Since then, Christina is still working hand in hand with the association on the continuity, stability & evolution of "Beytuna" also with the help of some supportive donators.



TV Presenter

Christina Sawaya hosted since 2003 many festivals, shows and major events that were broadcasted on several TV stations local and Pan Arab, in addition to her own entertainment program “Ajwa2” a full season of 30 episodes, which was broadcasted on Future TV.

Master of Ceremony

Sawaya was the Master of Ceremony, since 2002, in many major events for local & international companies in Lebanon and the MENA region in both languages Arabic & English.

Christina was as well, the Master of Ceremony at the events of several institutions and charitable associations since 1998.

Event Management

Christina Sawaya has 12 years of experience in organizing all kinds of events: corporate, entertainment events, fashion shows, openings, exhibitions, and weddings etc… with an added value:

  • Equipped suppliers
  • Tailor-made themes to suit different needs and budgets
  • Add a unique and personalized touch to the event or wedding
  • Her territory included countries of Levant and Gulf


Sawaya has 12 years of experience in public relations & media relations:

  • Worked as a PR Manager in a company she co-owned called PR.Com since 2003
  • Also worked as Events Executive Manager in PR.Com
  • Worked as a Managing Director in a photo and video Production company called CS Pro since 2009.



Christina Sawaya was chosen as one of the celebrity candidates to sing in "Celebrity Duets" program season one in 2010, which was broadcasted on LBCI. The program had a humanitarian goal; each celebrity chose a charity association to which they would offer the sum of money they accumulated. Sawaya, sang & offered the sum of money she won to the elderly social & health care center "Beytuna".

Then she moved on to produce a humanitarian song for the elderly called "Intu Dahab Al Taree2" written & composed by Talal Kontar, mixed & arranged by "Carina Eid".

Christina produced recently a new song called “Ana Daybi” written by Youssef Sleiman, composed by Haytham Zayyad, mixed & arranged by Roger & Charlie Abboud; including a music video that was directed by May Elias.

Christina also sang a rearranged version of the Natinal Anthem "Mawtini", originally ritten by the late Palestinean poet Ibrahim Tuqan and composed by the Lebanese composer Mohamad Felayfel.



Christina Sawaya starred in several Drama and Comedy series:

-The Lebanese Drama TV series “Zikra” in 2011 (written by Rita Barsona, Directed by Elie Habib & produced by Marwa group) which was broadcasted on LBCI September/October 2011 (refer to Gallery)

- Main role in both parts of the Lebanese Light Comedy TV series “Ghazel El Baneit” (written by Nadine Jaber, Directed by Rindala Kodeih & produced by Online production).

Part one broadcasted on LBCI in 2012. Part two broadcasted on LBCI in Ramadan 2014.

-The Lebanese huge drama production series “Wa Achrakat El Shams” written by Mona Tayeh, directed by Charles Chelala; produced by: M&M productions, Chelae productions & Rou2a productions.